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New Dungeon scenery

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Straight outta Barovia

Vistani.....and all the trimmings.!
Below are pictures of some models that I painted this week, these have been on my "to do" list for about 2 years.
And I finally got around to painting them, I still have to sort out the bases but I thought I'd post these images any way.

More new models painted this week.

More baddies for the monster mountain.!
I've been off work this week and have taken the time to paint a large amount of models, I've already posted some new pictures in the previous two posts but shown below are some more finished models.
These aren't for a particular dungeon or game but they have been on my to do list forever and I'm very happy that I've got these painted now.

Newly painted models for D&D fun

Creatures from the lower planes..Here are some GW Nurgling models that I picked up from eBay. I finished painting them this week and I am going to use them as D&D Manes from the Lower Planes.

Apparatus of Kwalish - Finish

Apparatus of Kwalish......done...!!!I posted an update on my blog a few weeks ago that included some pictures of my initial build of the Apparatus of Kwalish.
(click here to see original post)
And here are pictures of the finished article. Now I understand for the D&D purist out there that this isn't an exact replica of the aformentioned apparatus but I built this from scratch and hey I can make it look any way I see fit.
This model was built for a specific dungeon, so keep your eyes peeled for possible sightings of this mechanical masterpiece in action on this blog.
Enjoy the pictures.