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Photos from today's game

1 day to go...!!

So tomorrow is the "big" day, I've got most of my DM kit packed up and ready to go. I spent a couple of hours last night going through my check list of stuff that I need to take as I am running the D&D game at a friends house.

Years ago before I moved to the south coast of the UK travelling to a mates to play D&D usually only meant taking my dice, writing pad, character sheets and a few £'s for food. Nowadays I have a 50 mile drive to see my mates and as I am now DM'ing ,more than playing I tend to need to take a lot of kit.

As well as all of the models and 3D tiles that I have made and painted I also need to take my big box of books...if you've ever played AD&D 2nd Edition you will know how many supplement books there I have my Gale Force 9 dungeon mats that I use for generic settings like taverns and city streets. I will also be taking a small amount of WoTC dungeon tiles for use with the dungeon, rooms like the Jungle and Elven glade.…

2 days and counting...

I don't usually get nervous but the excitement of playing D&D this weekend is starting to boil over a little bit, I am excited at the prospect of DM'ing a cool dungeon but also worried that I have over hyped this and it won't be as good as the idea that I have in my head.

Last night I was thinking that I might be able to update this blog in real time at the weekend as we played, but I doubt if I will have the time for that...I might try and upload some pictures of us actually playing but I can't promise anything right now.

As anyone who has DM'ed before will know you tend to have your hands full when running a dungeon, no matter how much pre-planning that you do the players have a few curves balls heading your way.

Roll call for Saturday

Quick roll call for the PC's who are adventuring on Saturday.

Gilar Whitecrown
9th level

Dorain Ironheart
9th level

10th level

11th level

11th level

11th level

Emailed reply from my players..

Evil.... City of the dead.... Bad time to be an adventurer...???
Not if you are a cleric my friend. Fill the vials with healing potions and holy water, polish the mace (the weapon!), prey to your lawful good deity and fasten the binding on you holy book.
Breaths in deeply. "I smell Evil!!! Bring it on!!"
So rather a fine day actually. :-)

This is from a friend who is playing a Gnome Speciality Priest of Garl Glittergold.

Wizard exits stage right..........

Obviously from my friend who is playing a human wizard and a kender word from the thief just yet.!

I thought some good guy took over the city of the dead whats the matter cant he …

3 days and counting.

OK, so it's been a few days since I last posted on here and the reason for my absence is related to two things....first of all work..!! and secondly I'm worn out and after spending 8+ hours working on a laptop screen in my office the last thing I need is to spend more time at home doing the same.

Saying that I am eager to keep this blog up to date, so with only 3 days to go before I run my Arc of the Mad Mage dungeon I thought I would quickly post an update.

Firstly the days until Saturday can't go quickly enough, to say that I am super excited to be playing D&D this weekend with my mates is an understatement, secondly I am even more excitable as I can't wait to start rolling some dice and use all of the dungeon stuff that I have been making over the last few months.

I have no idea how many "man" hours I have put in but between the models, 3D dungeon tiles, writing, monsters statting, handout creating etc etc it feels like I have had 2 jobs since well before…