Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saturdays pictures

As expected I have had no chance to post any of the pictures from Saturdays game as we played, I was far too busy keeping an eye on the players and making sure everything was going smoothly.

I do have a few pictures from Saturdays game, these were taken by one of the players and emailed to me during and after the game......technology is great..!

The party on board the Moon Sword warship and they are being attacked by a GARGANTUAN lobster.

Party members on board the ship, possibly looking for the privy or a bucket to hurl into?

All aboard.
I used a blue and white 1 meter square piece of cloth for the sea, looks OK.

Straight outta Barovia

Vistani.....and all the trimmings.! Below are pictures of some models that I painted this week, these have been on my "to do"...