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Lost Mines of Phandelver - Cragmaw Castle

So after we finished our chat with the friendly druid and stopped off to loot some of the buildings and have a fairly nerve racking conversation with a Green Dragon we made our way out into the wilderness in search of Cragmaw Castle.

On the way to the Castle we made a brief stop off to have words with a Troll and a goblin who the Troll was intending on eating. Then made all haste to the castle with only one small diversion that came in the shape of a large Owlbear.

Once again our DM has excelled himself in the set piece work he built for the castle, so posted below are some pictures.

Cragmaw Castle. This was made by our DM, Phil, who constructed the castle and base from polystyrene. He then overlaid the top with paper so when we entered new rooms he could simply tear off the paper and reveal what the new area/room looked like.
If you zoom into the top of the picture you can just see the party "stealthily" approaching the castle.
Part of the paper "roof" has been removed …

Lost Mines of Phandelver - Thunder Tree Village

So me and my gaming friends got together again at the weekend to play the next part of the D&D adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver.

Here are some photos taken by myself and one of the other players.
The first set of pictures show the village of Thunder Tree, we travelled here to find a druid who we hoped would help us find Cragmaw Castle.
The village of Thunder Tree
The ruins of Thunder Tree
Outside of the druids tavern, we had a big fight with a horde of Ash Zombies and the druid got out some popcorn and watched the battle.
Green Dragon lair....not quite big enough for his liking so he might be moving home soon.
Awesome Ettercap that we fought, this was made by the DM and scared the hell out of party.