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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Briefs emailed to players

The roll call for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen dungeon will be as follows.
(Dungeon date will be the 03/01/2015)

Jez James - Half Orc Ranger
Keth James - Half Orc Druid

For a number of weeks now the two of you have been travelling through the untamed wilderness to the East of Baldurs Gate known as the Greenfields.
You have heard that a band of marauding bandits have been pillaging and stealing from small towns and villages a few days travel from where you are. So you have decided to take some paid work escorting a caravan of supplies that is heading in the direction of a small town called Greenest. 
From here you will take your pay and then leave the caravan to hunt down these vicious marauders.
As well as hiring you two for this trip the caravan master has also hired the aid of a few other mercenaries, some of which you have started to strike up a friendship with. 
Amongst these mercenaries are a savage Human Warrior and a preening Elf Bard, the barbarian is quiet and seems to be tro…

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - The Village of Greenest part 1

Sneak peak of the Village of Greenest.