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Malifaux marionettes.....finished

I added some more detail to these models since I last posted on here.

These are now finished and can be added to the cabinet.

Christmas holidays, drink, family and a "spare" few hours to paint some models.

Here are some pictures of some models I have painted in the last week, I didn't paint these for any particular reason except because I liked them.

I'm sure I will find a use for them all, there are always plenty of dungeons to run for my buddies.


Rise of Tiamat - Xonthar's tower and maze

Rise of Timat - Ambushed by the cult

Rise of Tiamat - The Misty Forest and the Green Dragon Chulth

Tiamat and her bloody minions.

Just to follow up on the pictures I posted a couple of weeks are some more.

These are from a session of D&D when the party were ambushed by a group of cultists whilst they travelled to the Misty Forest,

What's that coming over the it a monster, is it a monster?

And the answer to that musical question is yet.

It is a monster and his mates.

I finally finished off these models this week, once again these were bought from Wizards of the Toast, pre-painted but I've added some new detail and repainted bits on each model.

Dungeons & Dragons Airship

Why walk when you can fly?
So a couple of weeks ago when me and my D&D chums had decided on a date to play again I came up with an idea to spice up the upcoming session.
I am still running the Rise of Tiamat dungeon and one of the chapters asked for an ambush type attack for the unsuspecting PC's, so I decided to run this out in the wilds of Faerun and for the party to arrive in style. My original idea was for the party to arrive together in a huge steam powered airship, but I couldn't find the right stuff to build it with and due to a split in the party I had to re-write the encounter so that the PC's arrive in who smaller groups.
Any way, after much searching on Google I finally got a plan together and started to build the airship for the game
Below are the pictures, enjoy.