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New models that I have painted.

New stuff that I have painted.
Here are some new pictures of models that I have painted for my collection of D&D miniatures.
FROST GIANT. This is from the Whizz Kids range of models that are being made for WoTC. I repainted the shield and also added new colour to his beard, clothes, armour and skin.

In this picture you can see that I added a snow flock to the base. It's not finished yet as I am adding some green flock as well, but this hasn't arrived in the post yet.

Aspect of TIAMAT. I found this model on eBay, I think its a Japanese kids toy and it came in several parts plus it was  painted bright blue and gold.
So I had to base paint it in grey and add new wings.
I also removed one of the heads, as it came with 6 and not 5.

Mostly completed model, base painted and I have attached the heads now. The model didn't quite fit together after I repainted it, so I have to use milliput to fill in the large gaps between the body and heads.

Side view on the partially painted white Dragon hea…