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D&D - Where have you been?

It's been too long since I last put finger to keyboard and more importantly dice to the table. Due to real world things happening, me moving house and starting a new job I've been unable to get the blog updated or even play a game of D&D with my pals.

But that is all changing as we are scheduled in for another round of fun this Saturday as my fellow gamers take up arms against the Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

The party have successfully managed to negotiate the tricky road from Baldurs Gate to Waterdeep and as well as staying alive on the road they have also been keeping a close eye on the Cultists in their caravan.

Below is a copy of the brief that I emailed to the guys a couple of days ago.

If Galasson had the energy he'd probably write a song ​about your sore feet, weary hides and deep longing for a warm bath and hot meal. The last 8 weeks trekking from Baldurs Gate to Waterdeep have not been easy but you have finally made it. And most importantly you have managed to track…