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Showing posts from May 31, 2015

Stuff I've painted this week,

So D&D is upon me again.
I'm DM'ing this weekend for my crew of fellow gamers, can't wait to dust of the ol' PHB, DMG, MM etc etc ect....

I've not had an y real prep to so since most of the models I need were painted for this dungeon months currently ploughing our way through masses of Bullywugs and Giant Frogs in Castle in the meantime I have been painting some models that have been on the to do list for sometime.

The pictures below aren't the finished article, I still need to finish bases and matte varnish some of the models, but I like to here you go.

If you look at the close up pictures you will be able to see that matte varnish on alchemist and the mummies still hasn't dried....