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The bard's tale - A D&D duet.....of sorts.

I ran my first duo dungeon at the weekend, and it was hilarious. As a teaser to the hilarity I managed to get one of my friends to say the word Monkey about 50 times in the space of roughly 30 minutes. 
So the dungeon that I ran was a combination of some of my own ideas, the room layout from a dungeon I bought years ago and some excellent ideas I found whilst trawling the net.
The Premise:
Gallason (bard) and Kaldoran (barbarian) have been invited to meet up with Gallason's uncle, Lymbal Methis Amr├╣nor, at a nearby tavern in the North Ward of Waterdeep. This area is quiet and populated by most of Waterdeep’s wealthiest middle classes and lesser nobles. The PC’s are asked to meet Lymbal at the well known tavern called The Misty Beard, he has asked for their presence as he is performing a recital of his best music and would like his favourite nephew to attend.

What Gallason doesn’t know is that the invite that he has received is actually from a Mind Flayer who has captured and imprison…

Beholder model

Quick update of some pictures of a new Beholder/Eye Tyrant/Globe of Eye Evil model that I purchased from Otherworld Miniatures.
These are very cool miniatures, really well molded and they all have a old school look to them which is nice and nostalgic.