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Set piece models.

I painted these beauties as a "favour" to a friend who I play D&D with, I'll be expecting payment in full Marty.!

You know the price, beer and snacks.

Don't let me down.

Raiun the Ogre Magi has arrived

From the Far Eastern shores of Kara-Tur comes Raiun the Ogre Magi.

Ogres are in fashion.......

......were they ever out of fashion?
Keeping up with my current theme of painting Ogres, here is a very nice Ogre Magi, or Oni, from Otherworld Miniatures.
I bought this model over two years ago and I've just got around to getting him or her started. As always I've added the base colours then painted the entire model in Army Painter Dark Tone Quick Shade.
The base is from eBay and made from a pale yellow resin.
So far he or she is looking very good, I just need to wait for the Quick Shade to dry so that I can then add the fine detail. 

Zombie Ogres

Will to Survive A long road to follow, a long walk ahead.A world fueled by madness, and drowning in dead.The days will be longer, the nights will be harder.Our skin will grow tougher, our will will grow stronger.

New models - the sickly smell of undeath and train strikes

Beware what lurks in the tomb of the dead.It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted any pictures of stuff that I have painted, this isn't because I have been slacking off but because I've just been too busy to update my blog.
Well today has been busy as well, but due to a 5 day, yes 5 day train strike on the rail network I use to get to London I have been working from home. This is great because instead of rolling in through the front door at 7:30pm I am all done and dusted with work at about 5pm and painting models at about 5:05pm.
So here are some models that I started painting earlier this week and have almost finished. As you can see from the pictures I've dipped them in Army Painter Dark Shade, and once that has dried I will matte varnish and then add the fine detail.