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I, Tyrant


I just have no time to Blog.

I've had some spare time to start painting again, attached below are photos of some rather friendly, intergalactic flying eyeballs.

I'll post pictures of the completed models later this week.


Labyrinth of Madness - The last "S" series gets a 5th Ed re-boot.

Here are some pictures from the D&D session that I ran on Saturday.

As you might have guessed from the title of the post I have been asked by my D&D gamer buddies to run the classic Labyrinth of Madness dungeon.

I had a lots of fun prepping and getting stuff ready for this dungeon.

New doors

These beauties and their little green buddy arrived yesterday afternoon and I've just finished painting them tonight.Bit of a rush job as I need these for Saturday but they look pretty good.

The serpents head is ready to consume all who tread without care..


22 years in the making....

TSR created a dungeon called the Labyrinth of Madness.....This was one of the most feared and unbeatable dungeons ever created....

It has now be resurrected for 5th edition D&D....

Castle Zadrian and the missing Paladin

Photos and adventure hook of the dungeon that I ran on Saturday.
I have to say it was a good laugh and I really enjoyed getting back behind the DM screen.

Thanks to Mr.R for providing these pictures.


Ahkhegs - Phase Spiders - Hell Hounds

Back on the painting wagon.
It's been a few weeks since I last got behind the desk and broke out some paints and models, so with the trains from work running regularly I was able to sit down and get some old and new models painted.

The spiders and hounds are from the Descent board game and the Ankhegs are from Reaper miniatures.

Some all or none of these are to be used in a D&D adventure that I am running this weekend. Hopefully I'll post some more pictures from the weekends dice rolling soon.


"There is no stopping the Reich and it's power over the The Great Old Ones, you and your allied friends will be crushed by us"

GW Valkyrie - Modded

Finally finished.Pictures below are of a model that I started to build and paint a couple of months ago and I have now finally finished....except for the base.

The Valkyrie was bought from eBay in a fairly awful state, it was originally green, had no weapons, no canopy and no stand.